Features and Specifications

Hyperfum Specification

1- Direct supervision of the consumer on the process of mixing, perfume production and packing of OD cologne in front of the customer’s eyes based on the quality and customer's taste.

2- Analyze and plan the composition of a perfume according to the consumer's needs.

3- The possibility to choose different parameters of perfume by consumer, such as quality and shelf-life.

4- Hygienic output of the product due to the formulation defined for the device due to the use of fully sanitary products under the license of the world's largest perfume manufacturer

5- Assess and measure the optimality of the device in terms of obtaining the necessary information from the consumer and determining the required combination (if the device is in automatic mode)

6- Possibility to receive customer tastes through software based on psychological, biological, business information and other components.

Attractive features of design

1- Evaluation of ergonomic and anthropometric issues.

2- Examining specific issues and environmental psychology.

3- Examining health and safety issues.

4- Examining the topics of applied aesthetics.

5- General review of the issues of raw materials and manufacturing process.

6- High quality components and unique features of the machine components.

7- Review of transportation, installation, maintenance, maintenance and repair issues observing all of the above.


1- The process is completely automatic.

2- Precision and product quality.

3- Health and product safety.

4- Glass tanks and sanitary perfume for long lasting perfume.

5- Small and optimal dimensions of the device.

6- Guaranteed high quality product.

7- guaranteeing the confidentiality of customer information.

8- Intelligent management of inventory of tanks.

9- Simultaneous presentation of charts of the fragrances purchased.

10- Select the design and size of the glass by the customer.

11- Select the concentration of the product by the customer.

12- Integrated system of quality and price in all branches.

13- 36 months after sales services(customers services).

Software Features

1- Selecting pre-prepared profiles.

2- Selection of customer biologic information.

3- Selection of psychological information by client user.

4- Select information related to customer's olfaction.

5- Select information related to packaging by the customer.

6- Selection of chemical information by the customer.

7- Select the information related to the container and packaging by the customer.

8- Get comprehensive information about selected perfume.

9- Selection of the quality and volume desired by the customer.

10-Security system for product quality stability

11- Issuing and printing the sales invoice along with technical specifications of the product

12- Continuous updating in order to increase accuracy and efficiency.